Flint and Tinder Bighorn Waxed Jacket

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If I can’t wear a waxed jacket with basically anything, then I don’t want it. The workwear masters over at Flint and Tinder go back to timeless basics, building their hard-wearing Bighorn Waxed Jacket with a unique fabric from British Millerain, the pioneers of waxed cotton. This sophisticated material is built not only for overall weather resistance, but accommodates to temperatures as well. Basically, this jacket can keep you warm on cooler days, keep rain at bay, but won’t overheat like so many raincoats do. So many coat makers forget that a rainy day doesn’t always mean a cold day.

The body is handsomely cut, with a casual but structured drape that gives a versatile shirt-jacket vibe when it’s buttoned, and an effortless and unsloppy look when unbuttoned—whether there’s a just t-shirt under there or several layers, collar popped or folded. Plus, it patinates easily, growing more visually complex the more you wear it.

Price: $198

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